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Re: Some funnies

Aug 04, 1997 08:36 AM
by techndex

At 08:49 AM 8/2/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
(quoting me)
>> Oh gawwwwwd!!!! That means that Pluto will be crossing my Descendent
>> (opposing my Ascendant and hyleg) again!!!!!!! The last time it did that, I
>> had a friggin' heart attack!!! Well, as they say, Pluto's effects are
>> ..ahem... transformative and a heart attack turns your life around all of
>> a sudden within a matter of hours. ;-D
>Yes, Pluto means a sort of death, but also regeneration.  Also, transits do
>not always manifest the same way.  Last year, I had
>transiting Pluto sq. natal Venus in the 8th house.  I had my wedding rings
>stolen out of my house.  This year, the same transit rolled around and my
>car was damaged enough to spend a week in the shop (much to the delight of
>my body shop man).  All involved transformation, loss, but replacement and
>insurance, since the 8th house represents insurance.   Take it easy.
>You may be learning and reaping the benefits of the heart attack that
>turned your life around last year.

Hi Anne,

Thanks so much for your reassurance! (BTW, Pluto opposed my hyleg this past
March, which was when I had the heart attack.) I agree with all that you
said about its effects, including everything that happened to you
personally when it squared your 8th house Venus. (Aiiish!!)

Plutonian contacts with the angles of a chart are truly upheaving,
transformational experiences, IMHO, and I'm working to discern the inner
meaning of all of this, beyond the obvious lifestyle changes that anyone
who has a heart attack has to undergo. Life being full of surprises, I'm
sure that the deeper transformative effects will be probably quite
different than I could ever dream of. (Fortunately, whenever it hits that
sensitive point in my chart in its oscillations over my Descendant, it's
also trining my natal Mercury which happens to be conjunct my natal Pluto,
triggering that aspect as well.) ;-D


Lynn Moncrief
TECHindex & Docs
Technical and Scientific Indexing

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