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Re: Battle between paper and cyber version

Aug 05, 1997 06:58 AM
by ramadoss

At 09:22 AM 8/5/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
>> From:
>> Subject: Re: Battle between paper and cyber version
>> Date: Friday, August 01, 1997 9:07 PM
>> At 08:55 PM 8/1/97 -0400, you wrote:
>> >In message <>,
>> > writes
>> >>The Frenchmen thru their followers(representatives) sued the Colorado
>> >>Corporation to take control of the properties situated in the USA and this
>> >>is now under litigation at Denver. Many from Wheaton are in the French
>> >>Many members of TSA are in the other camp which decided not to let any
>> >>foreign outfit control US property and affairs.
>> >>
>> >>This is some of the *real* story, not the *moderated* ones you may have
>> >
>> >Co-masonry includes women and in some lodges is likely to contain more
>> >women than men, so perhaps you should amend "Frenchmen" simply to
>> >"French" - unless you know that the litigants are exclusively male?
>> >
>This is the Larkspur URL:
>When I contacted them, they sent me a very nice magazine that Gerda
>promptly confiscated after I'd read it.  Apparently, they have have no
>Lodges in Chicago, but travel to Detroit to have Lodge meetings.
>A. Safron

Very very interesting. 

I wonder what made Gerda do what she did. 

At this time, the only lodge that I know of in Chicago area is the one
controlled by Frenchmen(with a sprinkling of Frenchwomen) and it is in Wheaton.

The Larkspur based American "Co" Masonry is the one which is composed of the
majority of the American Members of the formerly working with the French and
now is totally independent of any foreign control, in the fine American
tradition of self-rule and self-reliant. It is the French controlled group
which is the plaintiff in the Denver case against the American group.
Nothing should surprise anyone because there are people associated with
Wheaton with a lot of litigation experience.

Even in the masculine masonry, each state has its own setup which does not
take orders from anyone outside of it.

Thanks for the URL.


PS: May be when you visit Detroit or another location where there is a
lodge, you can arrange to get admitted if you are interested.

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