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HPB and Mormons

Aug 31, 1997 05:16 AM
by ramadoss

It is reported in HPB's biographies that during her travels in 1855 in the
US, she travelled to Salt Lake City to meet the Mormons. In a recent
coverage of Mormons in Time/Newsweek, (commemorating the travel of Mormons
from Illinois to Salt Lake City) one of the things that I noticed was their
belief in the second coming of Christ.

In Key to Theosophy, HPB mentions about coming of Messenger from the Great
White Lodge and I am wondering whether there was some connection between
what she knew or was told by her Guardian and her trip to Salt Lake City and
their belief in second coming. One thing worth noting was that the founder
of Mormons was not a scholar or a PhD, just a common man (who was assasinated).

Any thoughts?


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