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Re: Doggie Diarreha

Aug 01, 1997 05:55 PM
by A. Safron

> From:
> Subject: Re: Doggie Diarreha
> Date: Friday, August 01, 1997 8:14 AM
> I commend your posting the details.

Frankly, it was shock to me that someone wanted to limit my speech and then
refused to tell me what it was I has supposedly said.  I could only wonder
what dire secrets I had exposed.
> I think very few in Olcott is on any of the theos-xxxx lists and so it must
> be some kind of misinformation campaign going on in a subtle manner and most
> times anything negative people tend to believe easily. And again, dont
> expect too much independent thinking or acting from anyone who is on the
> payrolls at Olcott.
> Whoever is spreading this kind misinformation may be giving a lot of free
> publicity to theos-xxxx. Who knows some of the residents at Olcott may be
> reading these msgs with great interest -- there have been a alot of
> information out here that is unavailable from any other source -- and may
> not want anyone else to know that they are reading them.
> No matter what, theos-l is not going to go away.
Not at the rate we're posting!  At any rate, I find the whole incident very bizarre and
different than any other organization I had belonged to.

A. Safron

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