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Aug 03, 1997 05:46 PM
by A. Safron

Jump for Joy, Doss!  I've kicked the aspartame habit (almost).

What precipitated this move?  Was it health concerns?
Web pages claiming that it causes everything from shingles
to Alzheimers?  An ache in my big toe?

NO.  It was sheer boredom.  One day I looked at all those
brightly colored cans with fruity artificial flavors and said,
"Yuk."  "Who am I, some kind of kid that craves kool-aid?"

Aproaching 50, I decided it was the dignified thing to do
and switched to flavored mineral waters and iced herbal
teas, besides a few other miscellaneous things.  My only
vice left is an occasional diet cola.

Personally, I think the claims on the aspartame web pages are alarmist
and ludicrious.  They have no scientific studies (or mega-bucks)
to back them up. My humble theory is that living will make you
sick and die, because that is the way of things.

Yes, my tangerine Diet-Rite has gone down the the drain,
but not for health's sake.  Sheer boredom did the trick.

A. Safron

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