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Re: Aspartame

Aug 03, 1997 06:57 PM
by M K Ramadoss

A. Safron wrote:
> Jump for Joy, Doss!  I've kicked the aspartame habit (almost).
> What precipitated this move?  Was it health concerns?
> Web pages claiming that it causes everything from shingles
> to Alzheimers?  An ache in my big toe?
> NO.  It was sheer boredom.  One day I looked at all those
> brightly colored cans with fruity artificial flavors and said,
> "Yuk."  "Who am I, some kind of kid that craves kool-aid?"
> Aproaching 50, I decided it was the dignified thing to do
> and switched to flavored mineral waters and iced herbal
> teas, besides a few other miscellaneous things.  My only
> vice left is an occasional diet cola.
> Personally, I think the claims on the aspartame web pages are alarmist
> and ludicrious.  They have no scientific studies (or mega-bucks)
> to back them up. My humble theory is that living will make you
> sick and die, because that is the way of things.
> Yes, my tangerine Diet-Rite has gone down the the drain,
> but not for health's sake.  Sheer boredom did the trick.
> A. Safron

Glad to see your msg.

I quit using all sugar substitutes including Aspartame after it affected
my eyesight and also later I realised it had put a lot of strain on my
eyes. I did not want to wait until I became a statistic to learn that
Aspartame is deadly.


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