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Re: Astrologers Unite!

Aug 03, 1997 05:18 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, JOSEPH PRICE
<> writes
>Keith:  Astrologers UNITE, if the theosophists won't :)   Astrology has its 
>mathetics, but it is very open to interpretation as is theosophy, if the truth 
>were told! IMHO

It can be shown, after a fashion, that Astrology is the oldest theosophy
of all.  Somwhere I have a diagram that does this (in Kabbalist terms -
surprise!).  If I can find it I will scan and upload it.

Alan, b,. Romford, Essex, UK, 22 April 1933. Sun Taurus, Moon Aries,
late Capricorn rising, with Saturn rising in Aquarius 15.

(Just showing off)

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