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Magickal Response to Vincent

Aug 03, 1997 12:49 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>This is a case where I find that Kabbalah provides valuable insight.
>Many or most think of the mind in terms of logic or Binah consciousness.

Whoa!!  Binah is above the Abyss, and is vastly superior to logic and
reason, which I would put at the Hod level.  Binah is Understanding,
an intuitive function.

>In short very few experience wisdom, the Chokma. 

Since Chokmah is above the Abyss and second only to Kether,
I would dare say that only a handful of mystics have experienced it.

>So they are given over
>to minds that 'kill'; thinking that there deductions can demonstrate
>everything that exists not realizing that they are imposing a simple
>minded 'system' on their limited experience of a vast and beautiful
>cosmos where logic is only ugly little part.

Right, they are given over to Tiphareth, which knows only what
lies below the Abyss.  This summarizes the Gnostic doctrine of
the Demiurge, who came from Sophia but knows it not.  The
human mind looks out at the world, and thinks that this is all
there is. Enochian Magic has logic and reason in the 26th
Aethyr, DES.  This is only the 5th Aethyr out of 30, and pretty
low on the scale of existence.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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