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A thought experiment -in do-nuts

Aug 03, 1997 12:16 PM

Some of you may be familiar with the work of Stan and Christina Grof (at 
Esalen) with holistic breathing.  It a kind of Western pranayama yoga.  You 
lie down and breath very deeply and heavily as a long as you can while 
listening to evocative music (whatever suits your taste from new age to 

You may also press down lightly on the closed eyelids to sitmulate the optic 
nerve.  The results are quite biochemical and not just wishful thinking.  One 
actually lowers the carbon dioxide in one's blood rather than increasing the 
oxygen studies have shown.  Most people will begin to see grid like, op art 
like patterns, next you may fell like you are moving through a tunnel.  You 
will see a somewhat dim green or purplish light.  Inside the purple circle is 
ususally a black hole shaped amazingly like a UFO or flying saucer.

Stan Tenen has done a lot of work with mathematics and the Jewish letters to 
just that the universe is shaped like a doughnut, bagel, cherrio or in 
mathematics called a torus.  This bagel universe is three dimensional and can 
generate many things including fractals, and growth type equations when 
combined with the dodecahedron and time (space time being the fourth 
dimension, or including it anyway).  You can only put seven colors, no more 
and no less, touching on the torus.  The torus, unlike the cherrio, can 
revolve around many axes including turing inside out.

Maybe univer is not like a ball, but like a bowl of cherrios ( made out of 
jello, in a soup of clear jell -light/energy).  There are coutless parallel 
cherrio/universes blissfull fractalizing.

The infinity symbol or the urobourus is the dough-nut twisted like a pretzel ( 
this may not be too spiritual, but it can make one hungry:>)

Anyway the deep coding of DNA and the alphabets was supposed to be know by the 
Egyptians, the Atlanteans and the cosmic progenitors of humanity the 
Agniswattas (whether they came from Venus or the Pleides or Orion depends on 
who you ask!)

Decoding the DNA has led to much power of cloning, recombinant DNA for 
medicine and other uses we have only begun to tap.  Using the alphabets in 
decoded sacred geometric form can lead to a "burning bush" experience, I am 

Psychedelics and amy nitrate along with tantric delayed orgasm (now the rage 
in Hollywood, wouldn't you know?) can lead to left hand degraded ) (???), 
experience of yantras or sacred geometry of the East which contains similar 
esoteric or hidden coding.

If you don't believe me, try deep breathing and pressing your closed eyelids 
gently as a personal experiment.  I would be interested in you results, if 

Keith Price

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