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Tid-Bit on Karma

Aug 03, 1997 12:09 PM
by E. J.

     Just a little something that I picked up surfing and thought that perhaps
it might be found informative here.   Enjoy !!!

[:->>The Quotes
[:->>(A principle of Science)
[:->> "For every action there is a resultant and corresponding reaction.
[:->>("The Karate Kid" - Daniel Larusso)
[:->> What goes around comes around.
[:->>(Galatians  6:7)
[:->> Be not deceived;  God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, 
[:->>that shall he also reap.
[:->>(Ramana Maharshi)
[:->> He gives the fruit to each person according to his actions [karma].  
[:->>That means that Iswara is only an agent and that he gives wages 
[:->>according to the labor done. That is all.
[:->>(Sri Swami Sivananda)
[:->> The consequence of an action is really not a separate thing. It is a 
[:->>part of the action and cannot be divided from it. 
[:->>(The Urantia Papers; Paper-148 Section-6)
[:->> "Although transgression of divine law is sooner or later followed by 
[:->>the harvest of punishment, while men certainly eventually do reap 
[:->>what they sow, still you should know that human suffering is not 
[:->>always a punishment for antecedent sin. 
[:->> I have yet to encounter a belief system [and I have encountered 
[:->>many, I assure you] which has no equivalent for a concept equivalent 
[:->>to Karma. Although described by each in subtly different ways and 
[:->>called by many different names, it is one belief that most on this 
[:->>planet would agree to be fairly consistent with reality.  
[:->> If you never service your car, chances are really good 
[:->>that it will eventually break down.  If you kick a large rock, 
[:->>chances are really good that it will hurt.  If you continually try to 
[:->>hurt someone, chances are really good that it will cause them to 
[:->>avoid you.  If you continually look to see all the evil and sin that 
[:->>is evident in this world, chances are really good that, for the most 
[:->>part, that is what you will find.
[:->> Why is it that generally when we pause to consider cause and effect, 
[:->>our first inclination is to look at the negative side of it?  If you 
[:->>do something bad, you will get something bad.  It seems like from the 
[:->>time we come into this world, we are told: "don't do..."; "Thou shalt 
[:->>not...";  "it is against the law to...".  I think that the reason is 
[:->>primarily one of Fear.  We are afraid to do something wrong lest we 
[:->>reap the bitter consequences.  How often is that fear the cause of 
[:->>our resigning ourselves to expect only pain and suffering so that we 
[:->>end up doing nothing at all?
[:->> The negative side of karma usually seems to provide somewhat more 
[:->>quickly recognized results than does the positive side.  Or at least 
[:->>so it appears on the surface.  I'm beginning to experience in my own 
[:->>life, that this is not really so.  I am discovering that giving 
[:->>unconditional love... or being kind... or performing an unselfish 
[:->>service gives Instant results.  one day I just decided to look for 
[:->>them... the "good" results.  Know what?    I just used to take those 
[:->>results for granted.  They were so immediate that they passed by my 
[:->>conscious mind with hardly another thought.  But... they were 
[:->>there... and they always had been.  Ain't dat sumpthin!!!  Hidden 
[:->>there right in front of my very eyes. 
[:->> Good begets Good... Unconditional Love begets Unconditional Love... 
[:->>Unselfish Service begets Unselfish Service.  The results may not 
[:->>always happen where we might expect or wish that they would from a 
[:->>circumscribed viewpoint, but in the Big Picture they invariably 
[:->>manifest in exactly the right place for the greatest good of all 
[:->> John Lennon once wrote: "Instant Karma's going to get you."  Instant 
[:->>Karma may not be recognizable to the ego, but it is truly perceivable 
[:->>by the Soul.
[:->>Do Good, Love Unconditionally, and Serve Unselfishly... "for 
[:->>whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap."
                              {~ ~}
We are not all crazy --
It is all in our heads,
You have to seek your own salvation --
In the end the final truth is between the lines,
The narrow path gets harder to find --
It is not what is done but rather a state of mind.

Let There Be Light -- Always in All Ways,  e.j.}`-`{
"On this Path effort never goes to waste and never a failure"

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