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Not doggie doo.

Aug 14, 1997 08:24 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>It would be of immense value if each one of us take time and interest and
>come up with creative ways to use Internet to make T/theosophy available to
>every man, woman, and child and hope it will affect them in a way that will
>make the world we all live in is better. Each one of us is very important
>and all it would take is a couple of innovative ideas that can affect the
>world. Let us all try.

Let's use what we already have!  Below is a standard 'sig' file
promoting Theosophy International, which has kinks to other Theosophical
web sites.  Martin Euser, when he posts to the list, also has a similar
'sig' file.  There are other sites (such as TUP online) and list
subscribers could create a sig file for some of these perhaps?  You
yourself have recommeded various URL's in the past - why not ad your own
favorite site as a 'sig' file to your posts?


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