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Re: Satan - to Bart

Aug 14, 1997 08:20 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>We have taken for granted, the omniscent and omnipotent God as a belief. It
>is time to examine it like every other belief.

In some parts of the East (and its languages) the perception of God is
one of the fact of Eternal Being and the Unity of Life.  Thus those who
understand God in this way (and not as a "person") think that people who
do not believe in God are crazy, as the existence of God is self-
evident.  Unlike modern Western Christians, some such may well argue
with God directly (to no avail of course, but simply to express their
anger at some clearly unjust event in society.  Even Jesus said we have
to take heaven by storm!  Older Xtian mystics advocated similar
approaches, telling contemplatives to keep on pestering God until they
got a sensible response ....
>BTW, a belief in God is a requirement of all religions, and is a non
>negotiable requirement of Masonic organization, including Co-Masonic
>Movement which is very subtly pushed by some of the TS leaders.



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