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Aug 14, 1997 08:13 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Bart Lidofsky
<> writes
>Dr. A.M.Bain wrote:
>> Your spelling of the Name is consistent with some Jewish practice, esp.
>> 'Hasidic.  Is this coincidence?
>       It is a Jewish custom, on the basis of the 2nd commandment, that
>certain specific procedures be used for the disposal of any book or work
>on which the name of God is inscribed (usually Bibles or prayerbooks).
>To avoid having a regular piece of paper bound by those restrictions,
>observant Jews spell God "G-d". 
>       Bart Lidofsky

Yes, I know. My post was addressed to another subscriber, who, SFAIK, is
not Jewish.  I know a 'Hasid living in Brookline, Mass. who is a
confirmed Kabbalist and uses "G-d" as a matter of course.  From him I
was given my copy of ~Likutei Amarim-Tanya~ ("Collected from sacred
books and from Scribes of Supernal Holiness, whose souls are in Eden.")


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