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Re: Dolphins

Aug 01, 1997 08:24 AM
by techndex

At 09:44 PM 7/31/97 -0400, Alan wrote:

>Some theosophists claim the same lack of animal soul(s). Like you, I
>don't accept this one bit.  Kabbalah speaks of the *nephesh* or *animal
>soul* - which it refers to as part of US.  We live in animal bodies,
>just like dolphins, cats, dogs, and probably all mammals.  It is
>probably true (I would say certainly) that we all have grousp souls as
>well, and on a much larger scale of things, a gigantic "mammalian" group
>soul which includes ourselves, dolphins, cats, etc., etc.

Perhaps pure instinct in humans could be said to arise from the animal soul
within us. Your concept of a gigantic "mammalian" soul is fascinating and
it leads me to wonder if perhaps there could be animal group souls roughly
following the lines of biological taxa. (I say "roughly" because taxonomic
classifications are sometimes a matter of debate among biologists.)


Lynn Moncrief
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