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Re: Sweet Ethics Defined

Aug 02, 1997 08:13 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Vincent Beall <>
> Subject: Re: Sweet Ethics Defined
> Date: Saturday, August 02, 1997 6:46 PM
> > Vincent, are cats ethical?  Are dogs?  Are elephants?  Why is it
> > that only human beings feel this desperate need to be ethical all
> > the time?  
Although animals, IMHO, do not have the consciousness of evolved
humans, they do sometimes show glimpses of something more.

Recently, there was a news story about a cat who went into a burning
building 5 times, each times being burned, to rescue her kittens.

On a more spectacular scale, a toddler visiting Brookfield Zoo in Chicago fell
into the Gorilla Pit.  Injured and unconscious, it lay there for a while till
a female gorilla picked it up and carried it to the door where
the zookeeper comes out. She waited there till someone came out and took
the child from her.

This made every newscast in Chicago, always with the question: How
could a gorilla have such compassion and common sense?  One person
answered that she was just doing what she would have done for her
own child.

A. Safron

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