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the Prophet and the teacher

Aug 03, 1997 03:36 AM
by Gary Somai

This is my first post to this list, so please be gentle with me, if i am in
any way upsetting you.

I believe there are many who will wish to deny their heart valuable
spiritual teaching, on account of strict belief systems which have
been imposed onto their hearts by the conditions wrought by the left
side of the brain or forehead, i.e. measure/judge the meaning of the
enigmatic sacred words from a materialistic exact point of view according to
the solid foundation of their belief system, whether a religious one,
or one based on exact conditional science. 

I am not suggesting a teaching of blind faith, but a teaching that
allows you to follow the signs given by your heart to the right side
of the brain or forehead, not the signs calculated by the left side of
your brain, which is blind to anything external to the finite
measurable and material universe, (i.e. blind to infinity).

Self-realisation is the key to wisdom, not how it is related or
understood through exact objective material evidence, (although a
useful tool for the physical finite universe). We can all be taught by
the true teacher whose temple or abode is within each one of us. We
can call him/her/it by whatever name we like, but we will never know
his/her/its true name, because that will be like giving relative
material meaning to something which is incorporeal and invisible to
our five measurable senses. IMHO it is defined as an immeasurable
fluidy substance that constantly changes, and which can only be
touched upon by our inner senses. In essence it is like an eternal
flame, although an incorporeal substance that is very subjective to
the material reality of our five outward senses, yet it is the source from
which the material universe began and will eventually end, i.e. alpha
and omega, albeit a continuous eternal cycle. i might have to explain in exact measured meaning what i
have just said in order to pacify those who have drawn fixed
conclusions. Unfortunately it is ultimately illogical to explain this
in exact measured terminology, which is why each person should seek
the unconditional truth within themselves, (no other external body can
give you the truth). So do not grasp at straws, sticks or even solid
rocks, for even they will crumble into sand in time. For time is the
ultimate weapon that will destroy the worship of all physical idols.

Beware of a body which calls itself Christ, Prophet, Messiah, or
whatever. A true prophet simply guides you to self-realisation on to
the fourth level of initiation, (that is how Jesus became the Christ).
Just follow your warm heart, (the free will we have each been given,
but have been forced to deny three times), if you can find it that is,
for Christ, Prophet, Messiah or whatever, can be found there, seek and
you will find. If you think otherwise, then you will miss it and be
waiting for a very long time, or you will be decieved by someone or
something on the third tier, hungry for power, control or fame.

Enjoy life as it was meant to be, not how life is measured up to be,
as it will hurt.

"It's God Jim, but not as we know it"


Gary S.

|    ++++++The Hermetic Doctrine of Cycles++++++        |
| Mankind shall reach the point of highest civilisation |
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