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Creed and Cult

Aug 06, 1997 06:08 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>Were the Real Founders who selected each one of the above in Their effort to
>launch the TS were wrong? Could they not find, vegetarian, meditating,
>tee-totalers, who did not wear fur or use leather? They could have found
>tens of 1000s in India. Need to think about it. (Hint: There is a mention in
>the ML to APS.)

I have heard the Indian Section is by far the largest in the world. Do
you know if this is true?
>Any newbee visiting the URL may get the wrong impression that TS has a creed
>or even a cult. When membership is on a downward trend, the web page may
>indeed have a negative effect on potential members.

But the TS *HAS* a creed and *IS* a cult :-(

Reading the literature makes that crystal clear id the reader is
objective.  Most TS members believe (for example) in reincarnation
because the TS *teaches* it.  Etc. .......
>Just my 2 cents.

Make it $10


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