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Is Theosophy a Religion?

Aug 21, 1997 04:42 PM
by Jerry Schueler

>The message of Theosophy - on the practical side - is very similiar to
>philosophies/religions - and it is: to be kind, treat others as you would
>like to be treated, be compassionate, always recognize the divinity in all
>of us.

You may be right in what you say here, but I really can't see where
Theosophy as such comes into play with it.  This is exactly the
"message" of Christianity, Islam, and virtually every world religion.
So, what do we need Theosophy for, if its just another religion?
I see it as something very different. Its message, to me, is to go
out there are discover Truth yourself. You won't find it in books,
but you can find it within yourself, if you know how to look. I think
that what you say here is true if you divorce Theosophy from magic
(or practical occultism, if you prefer). And a lot of folks do exactly
this. But I can't.  Theosophy goes with magic, the one theoretical
and the other practical. Without magic or occult practice (i.e.,
techniques) then Theosophy is just another religion--which may be
OK, but I prefer to think it more than that.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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