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Qabala vs Theosophy

Aug 02, 1997 07:53 AM
by Jerry Schueler

 >As I am
>slowly becoming familiar with the Kabbalistic writtings and
>commentaries, Kabbalah shows itself to be the best form in which to
>propose theosophy. 

I am very uncertain as to what you mean here, but it sounds like
the Qabala is somehow a foundation for theosophy.  If this is your
feeling, fine.  It is not mine.  HPB was familiar with the Qabala, and
yet gave us her own theosophical model anyway (which today's
theosophists ignore because they don't understand it).  But HPB
aside, I tried the Tree of Life model years ago and had a lot of
trouble with it.  I eventually wound up in the Enochian Magic mileu
with the Watchtower and Aethys model, which I prefer to the Tree
of LIfe.  To each his own.  My main point here is that you won't
find "truth" in any of these things--they are all just models of
reality, and some models apply better to some people than others.
Thus all have a ring of truth, but we have to remember that they
are human-mind inventions to help us come to grips with
the infinite and eternal.

Jerry S.
Member, TI

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