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Re: Qabala vs Theosophy

Aug 02, 1997 10:30 AM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, Jerry Schueler
<> writes
> >As I am
>>slowly becoming familiar with the Kabbalistic writtings and
>>commentaries, Kabbalah shows itself to be the best form in which to
>>propose theosophy.

I support the general approach of Jerry (below).  Kabbalah is *A*
theosophy. ie., and expression of "god-wisdom."  Having said that, all
theosophies and systems are signposts, not homes.
>I am very uncertain as to what you mean here, but it sounds like
>the Qabala is somehow a foundation for theosophy.  If this is your
>feeling, fine.  It is not mine.  HPB was familiar with the Qabala, and
>yet gave us her own theosophical model anyway (which today's
>theosophists ignore because they don't understand it).  But HPB
>aside, I tried the Tree of Life model years ago and had a lot of
>trouble with it.  I eventually wound up in the Enochian Magic mileu
>with the Watchtower and Aethys model, which I prefer to the Tree
>of LIfe.  To each his own.  My main point here is that you won't
>find "truth" in any of these things--they are all just models of
>reality, and some models apply better to some people than others.
>Thus all have a ring of truth, but we have to remember that they
>are human-mind inventions to help us come to grips with
>the infinite and eternal.
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI

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