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Re: Biased books/theosophy

Aug 20, 1997 06:10 PM
by A. Safron

> Several months ago, I posted a msg inquiring if any one has seen any critque
> of Tillett wherein any factual errors in his books were identified. I did
> not get any response.
> Again I think if factual errors are there, then all of us should know so
> that they can be taken into consideration when evaluating or forming our own
> opinion about the book.
> ...........mkr
My favorite Tillett tidbit was the one where he said Wedgewood hid
cocaine in his crozier.  I told that one to my husband and he immediately,
said, "CocaCrozier!"

The few pages of Tillett that I have read have reminded me of a
Theosophical National Enquirer.

A. Safron

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