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Beyond a reasonable doubt

Aug 20, 1997 05:45 PM
by kymsmith

Tom wrote:

>Or, perhaps, by provable, you mean only
>to a certain high degree of probability, rather than beyond any doubt,
>as I would understand it to mean.  

Ok, here we go.  That sexism exists is as provable as the claim that humans
are capable of loving one another.  We see the results of these two ideas -
sexism and love - made manifest every day.  People will say women are
inferior to men simply because they are women, and people will declare they
love their children - and act accordingly. Few doubt that most people love
their children - it shows in their actions and words.  The same with sexism.

>Because you're only a girl


>Dendrite?  Is that a brand of toothpaste?

Yes, it is!  They keep it behind the pharmacy counter because it's so new -
you need to ask the pharmacist for it - and if the pharmacist seems to balk
or feign ignorance, don't fall for it - he/she is probably trying to hog it
all for themselves - remain firm and steadfast in your quest - it will be
worth it.  Good luck!


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