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Re: Some fun?!*

Aug 27, 1997 09:59 PM
by kymsmith

Vincent wrote:

>Kym you misinterpreted my post with the deliberate intention of getting
>my goat, and honestly you did, with your crude epithet. I had thought
>that your behavior might develope into some sort of humor, but
>apparently you only want to know how far I can be pushed. Well enough

Vincent, my love - you seemed bored with the postings, and wrote something
like 'come out and play.'  The problem here seems to be with what you
interpret as "lighthearted" and what I interpret as "lighthearted."  Just
because my 'sense of humor' differs from yours does not automatically mean I
am being malevolent - we suspect the worst of people too quickly, I think -
and I am not exempt from that, either.  However, I am often surprised how
people can take what is clearly, at least to me, a ridiculous and
meaningless statement as serious.

My entire exchange with you has not been to make you look dumb or anything
of that sort - I was just "playing." 

>I am a human being quite ordinary I'm sure, and the new kid on the block
>always gets this kind of treament, but I honestly believe that you know
>what you're doing, and perhaps I am not revealing much about myself but
>I am generally quite at peace with my world and the people in it.

Again, my response to you was not because you were the "new kid on the
block" - I thought it might be interesting to engage you in banter.

There are others on this list whom you may find satisfactory in the romper
room department. . .happy hunting.

SIDE NOTE TO ALL:  And now. . .since I can't harass Vincent any longer, this
mighty assemblage of butt-whoopin' is on the move. . .


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