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Re: Some fun?!*

Aug 27, 1997 09:03 PM
by ramadoss

At 10:06 PM 8/27/97 -0400, A. Safron wrote:
>> From: Vincent Beall <>
>> Subject: Some fun?!*
>> Date: Wednesday, August 27, 1997 7:44 PM
>> I am a human being quite ordinary I'm sure, and the new kid on the block
>> always gets this kind of treament, but I honestly believe that you know
>> what you're doing, and perhaps I am not revealing much about myself but
>> I am generally quite at peace with my world and the people in it.
>When I was the new kid on the block, which was two years ago, I 
>was afraid to say ANYTHING.  The Master debate was raging and I
>took the plunge with a tiny post.  The guy from Montana emailed me
privately and
>told me he liked it.  From then on I haven't  been able to shut up.
>I'm quite glad you're a peace with your world, because mine has
>been pure chaos since January.  Severe illness lasting 3 months, job
>by my husband after 15 years at the same company, hundreds of dollars spent
on drugs,
>expensive pet vet bills, car accident, hospital tests, the ending of a 2 year
>friendhship on bad terms, etc.  HEY!  It's good to know that some one out
>there is at peace and having a good time!  There may be hope for me yet.
>A. Safron


You may have noticed that whenever a newbee comes on board and hesitantly
posts a msg, some times the msg may be seen by some subscribers as not to
their liking, there is always encouraging responses from others. It is this
kind of attitude and approach that is very healthy for the maillist. After
all the number of theosophists in the world are miniscule and we need
everyone we can find and can't afford to lose even a single one.

When I see the kind of problems several people face -- many of them dead
serious with no easy solution in sight -- there is always hope in that
things could be worse. All theosophists are optimists and tha't is what
keeps all of us going.


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