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Re: NFCs

Aug 23, 1997 06:06 PM
by A. Safron

> From: Jerry Schueler <>
> Subject: Re: NFCs
> Date: Saturday, August 23, 1997 7:13 PM
> >I've heard that same description of the Siammese cat!
> >I own one that is mixed breed...
> Well, perhaps I should say _one of_ the smartest breeds?
> Actually, there is a well known feline IQ test, written by
> Michael Fox (not the actor, but the famous animal
> behavioralist). My wife Betty did her Ph.D. dissertation
> on the NFCs. This included, among many things, giving
> over 100 of them Fox's IQ test. All tested at the genius
> level.
> and for those interested, no, I am not joking here.

And mine would probably test at the "nervous" level.
BTW, I completely agree with your post on breeding.
There are too many people (and I've known some
personally) that acquire kittens and puppies, then never
take the time or money to neuter them.  

A. Safron

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