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Re: Blatant Sexism!

Aug 19, 1997 01:36 PM
by M K Ramadoss

Don't you worry. In due course someone will teach him a lesson, which will
last him a couple of life times!!!!


At 03:55 PM 8/19/97 -0400, Tom Robertson wrote:
>I read the following article comparing men's and women's tennis in a
>tennis newsgroup today, and I was shocked.  This male chauvinist
>obviously needs some lessons about female equality.  He wrote:
>"I think the serve has never been given the focus in women's tennis.
>Partly this is because the women are shorter and not as strong."
>I bet he even believes that women are slower and less durable, also.
>The sexist bastard!  I can guarantee him that the fastest, strongest,
>tallest women is far faster, stronger, and taller than the slowest,
>weakest, and shortest man.  Therefore, his statement has no validity

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