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My apology

Aug 28, 1997 02:12 PM
by K. Paul Johnson

Dear Vincent,

Your gracious apology is more than I deserve.  It was
inappropriate of me to bring this up publicly in the first place, but
I figured the odds were against your being the person in
question.  Sorry to have embarrassed you further; all is
forgiven and forgotten.  And while I'm at it, that goes for
every mean thing said or written about me by Theosophists in
recent years.  Grudge-holding is an honored Scorpio tradition
that I share with the TS, a Scorpio organization.  But it is
destructive to all concerned.  At least the ones I have to work
on are only a few years old; the ones that the TS has yet to
let go of are usually a century or so old.  Hanging out with
the ARE, which has far less karmic baggage encumbering it, has
made this more apparent to me.

Sincerely yours,

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