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Re: Doggie Doo Again

Aug 12, 1997 05:57 PM
by A. Safron

> Subject: Doggie Doo Again
> Date: Tuesday, August 12, 1997 3:47 PM

> Do you remember the early days of the INTERNET before the web.  It was so 
> exciting.  It is becoming more organized and commercial everyday.  I think 
> less and less people use the usenet group because the web has on-line chat and 
> then there is IRC etc.  (am I wrong??)
> A lot has been gained, but the pioneering days seeming to be passing before I 
> very cyber-eyes.  (a small tear ;>)
I use the web a lot for research.  I look at university papers, reports, medical
information, weather, on-line magazines.  Seems to me that  that's what the web
was supposed to be in the first-place: somewhere you could get information at
the click of a button.  The commercial guys got all excited and thought they
could start selling things off the web, but that's been a disappointment.  I read
that no one wants to buy cars or appliances off the web that they can't really
see.  Small things or books are OK, but that's about it.  The web as a real
selling tool hasn't gone very well.  Then there's the issue of security.  I know
I'v been ripped off on the web.  Then there's the "home" page thing where
you can view  all sort of trivia about someone's life, especially the college kids.

A. Safron

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