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Doggie Doo Again

Aug 12, 1997 01:41 PM

 >> >Olcott  say that this mailing list is considered less than doggie doo.
> >> >
> >> >A. Safron
> >
> >       I have personally recommended this list to people at Olcott; I did 
> >hear a single person say anything negative about this list, although
> >most did not know about the list one way or another.
> I wonder why ....
> > I heard a lot of
> >positive comments about Theosophy World, however, and was allowed to
> >recommend it in my pamphlet, "Theosophists Guide to the Internet".
> Allowed?  ALLOWED?  Good grief!
> >       
> AB

Can we can get you a larger shovel to dig yourself in with?

Keith:  I don't know where all this is really heading, but I think it has to 
do with the fact that theos-l was created to encourange free and open thinking 
and speech in an unmoderated forum, Olcott has it own agenda to control and 
protect ( which is perfectly OK and understandable) their version of the 
ANCIENT WISDOM which really belongs to everyone and no one.  It is everywhere 
like the air we breathe if we can only open the higher vehicle/chackras to 
breath of inspiration ( from the word to breathe).

Organizations and organized religions are momuments that do every thing they 
can to PREVENT a mystical/spiritual/religious experience.  They definitely 
want to keep the lid on a "sell" it.

Do you remember the early days of the INTERNET before the web.  It was so 
exciting.  It is becoming more organized and commercial everyday.  I think 
less and less people use the usenet group because the web has on-line chat and 
then there is IRC etc.  (am I wrong??)

A lot has been gained, but the pioneering days seeming to be passing before I 
very cyber-eyes.  (a small tear ;>)


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