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Re: Pedophiles

Aug 12, 1997 05:29 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Dr. A.M.Bain <>
> Subject: Pedophiles
> Date: Monday, August 11, 1997 6:44 PM
> In message <>,
> writes
> >Could be I'm missing something - but, again, I fail to see why CWL wouldn't
> >behave today as he did then - even if one receives psychiatric care,
> >pedophilia remains a powerful and devastating disease.
> As an aside to this, the UK government are planning a register of
> convicted pedophiles of around 6,000 names, and new guidelines have been
> approved to enable genuinely concerned parties to have local access to
> information about possible danger in the local area from known
> pedophiles who have a) been released from prison and b) are still
> considered a potential risk.

In the USA, local town and cities are also registering convicted
pediophiles, who are obligated to make it known where they live
in a a town.  Too many children have not only been abused but
murdered.  Some pedofiles are run out of town, whether they are
innocent or guilty.  Just the fear is enough to get the populace
to send them on a  one-way ticket.

>From what I know psychiatric care is long, difficult and expensive.
Videos of offenders in support groups say they are afraid they
will do it again because they feel they have no control.

Upteen years later, we are still struggling with this problem and
probably have years to go to unlock the reason why these
peoplle committ these acts.

A. Safron

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