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Re: CWL today, and question

Aug 10, 1997 06:04 PM
by kymsmith

Paul wrote:

>Bart, I agree with you that perhaps today CWL would not act on
>his drives.  In a sense he was the victim of the times he lived
>in, when there was no recognition of these issues.

I am perplexed why some think CWL wouldn't have acted on his "drives" if he
had  lived 50 to 100 years later.  Pedophilia tends to disregard societal
norms and society's "recognition of these issues."  Sexual crimes are alive
and well.  The only thing I can think that would have possibly stopped CWL
is that victims are more vocal today, law enforcement is more aware, and,
consequently, CWL may have ended up chowing down on bread and water.

Could be I'm missing something - but, again, I fail to see why CWL wouldn't
behave today as he did then - even if one receives psychiatric care,
pedophilia remains a powerful and devastating disease.


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