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Two "Doss"es in TSA

Aug 12, 1997 04:40 AM
by ramadoss


There are two members of TSA who go by the nick name "Doss".

One is William Doss McDavid, who is the well known TSA Lecturer and author
and currently the District Director of TSA.

The other is M K "Doss" Ramadoss, an ordinary member, holding no office and
a novice in Theosophy, no lecturer, no author and an active participant on

Both of us live in San Antonio and members of San Antonio TS Lodge/Branch
and have known each other for a long time. Most on this list know about the
"two" "Doss"es.

But still in the minds of some, especially those new to the list, there
appears to be some confusion. I would like to clarify this and it appears I
may have to post this from time to time.

MK "Doss" Ramadoss

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