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Satan - to Bart

Aug 12, 1997 01:55 PM

 >> At one point, when preparing for a lecture on hypnotism, I researched
everything Blavatsky said about Satan and Satanism (it was difficult,
since Blavatsky uses two aspects of Satan, one being the Promethean
aspect of the god who gives a forbidden gift to Humanity at great
self-sacrifice). Her definition of Satanism, from my readings, appears
to be one who rejects the spiritual aspect of reality in favor of the
material aspect. The "Black Brotherhood", on the other hand, are those
who reject the higher aspect of humanity in favor of the ego. 

Keith:  I don't know how many time I have been told by well meaning and often 
very learned theosophists that we must never mention the Brothers of the 
Shadow because you make a link with them of the astral plane and they may 
influence your meditation or whatever.

Well, Jung has a lot to say about all this and I think it is interesting he 
used the term SHADOW to talk about the little debil in us all.  The Shadow is 
not a being but an archetype or aspect of our unconscious and it has amazing 
power to control us at just the wrong time.  It is waiting for that moment 
when the ego  (small e) is tired of repression and other defensives and lets 
it all out.

Thus many Satanists consider Satan more a principle.  The cabalaists seem to 
have an evil angel for everyone of the sephira.  Metatron has his Samael or 
whatever, the attibutions are from Astoroth and Lilith and the whole crew.

I think 2000 years and a lot of ink have been use to justify the way of God to 
man ( a la Milton).  If God, is omniscent and omnipotent, why doesn't he just 
stop all this evil rebellion mess and reinstate paradise.

I think theosophy, points to a grand drama, taking larger cycles of time than 
we can imagine.  G-d like comedy and tragedy and HE/SHE has all the time in  
existence.  Put that with your doogie doo! :)


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