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Re: Medcine Wheel

Aug 29, 1997 01:33 PM
by techndex

At 09:00 PM 8/28/97 -0400, Annette wrote:

<friendly snip>
>Plus I have just spent the afternoon playing with Star Trek CD
>Roms after my regular 5 year physical in which I was also told I had
>high blood pressure and had to remove all stress from my life or face
>the consequences!  Talk about stress!

Hi Annette,

Yep. My heart attack and peripheral vascular problems were caused by high
blood pressure and a lot of stress. The blood spiking through your arteries
can really tear them up. But I don't think you can remove *all* stress from
your life (else how would you get anything accomplished?) and learn to cope
with the stressors that you can't get out of your life. BTW, I have not
learned how to do that yet. ;-D But I'm wishing you the best on controlling
that blood pressure!!!!! If you're interested in subscribing to a blood
pressure email discussion list, let me know. There's good support there,
plus cardiologists who participate.
>I promise I will never mention Doss's clothing again.

Awwww!!! I was so glad you did! I just loved that line about the "swish of
Doss's robes"!!!! It was just perfect.
>My best wishes to Anne and Lynn.  Apart from the debilitating effects of
>serious illnesses and crises like they have been experiencing, I know
>health care is a much more serious issue for you guys.  I'll try to send
>some energy your way and hope it helps.

Thanks!! Now I know what that wonderful beam was that touched me. :-)

>I will now hide under my desk in momentary shame, but don't expect me to
>stop commenting. (Big smile)

Please don't stop! I truly enjoyed your comments.


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