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Re: Medcine Wheel

Aug 28, 1997 08:21 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:00 PM 8/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Thank you Jaqi for your information.  I read about the Ogham writing but
>did not know it has been found as far south as New Mexico.  I like your
>insights into the Gallic personality.  It had not occured to me that
>they might have been that sneaky as I always imagined the Romans
>marching in with their new "technological lifestyle" of bathing and road
>building and just taking over.  I try to stay unbiased about the Native
>Americans as I have a great fondness for them and like to think that
>they had a neat outlook on life and death.  They were called savages too
>and were supposed to have no organization, except that I believe the
>American system of government was "borrowed" from the League of Six
>No further elaboration in deference to the group as I know I can get
>voluminous and not much theosphical.  Good luck with your Hebrew.  I am
>in awe.
>I am on vacation and feel guilty about pigging out on such light reading
>as "In Search of the Wise One", "The Story of B", and "Farewell to
>God".  Plus I have just spent the afternoon playing with Star Trek CD
>Roms after my regular 5 year physical in which I was also told I had
>high blood pressure and had to remove all stress from my life or face
>the consequences!  Talk about stress!
      High blood pressure does slowing affect various organs and it is easy
to control these days. Godspeed in your efforts to control it.

      Stress is something more difficult to deal with. Unless one changes
the lifestyle and work habits, it is not going tobe easy, IMHO.

>I promise I will never mention Doss's clothing again.

  Don't worry. I should run to the store and find some robes. Robes affect
how others look to you and how they respond to you. Couple of years ago, I
was scheduled to speak to an audience of Asian Indians about Shri
Shankarachary, who is considered by everyone from HPB onwards as one of the
Greatest Adepts to show up in the 6th century AD, I was cut off because the
first speaker took away all the time allocated for the speakers. I told the
organizers (in a light mood) that next time I am going tobe in the
yellow/red  robes of a Swamiji, so that I will get a royal treatment and
treated as the most important speaker. So robes can work wonders.......... 

>My best wishes to Anne and Lynn.  Apart from the debilitating effects of
>serious illnesses and crises like they have been experiencing, I know
>health care is a much more serious issue for you guys.  I'll try to send
>some energy your way and hope it helps.
>I will now hide under my desk in momentary shame, but don't expect me to
>stop commenting. (Big smile)

We need to expand the bandwidth of the maillist, and all your comments are


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