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Re: Medcine Wheel

Aug 28, 1997 06:01 PM
by Annette Rivington

Thank you Jaqi for your information.  I read about the Ogham writing but
did not know it has been found as far south as New Mexico.  I like your
insights into the Gallic personality.  It had not occured to me that
they might have been that sneaky as I always imagined the Romans
marching in with their new "technological lifestyle" of bathing and road
building and just taking over.  I try to stay unbiased about the Native
Americans as I have a great fondness for them and like to think that
they had a neat outlook on life and death.  They were called savages too
and were supposed to have no organization, except that I believe the
American system of government was "borrowed" from the League of Six
No further elaboration in deference to the group as I know I can get
voluminous and not much theosphical.  Good luck with your Hebrew.  I am
in awe.

I am on vacation and feel guilty about pigging out on such light reading
as "In Search of the Wise One", "The Story of B", and "Farewell to
God".  Plus I have just spent the afternoon playing with Star Trek CD
Roms after my regular 5 year physical in which I was also told I had
high blood pressure and had to remove all stress from my life or face
the consequences!  Talk about stress!

I promise I will never mention Doss's clothing again.

My best wishes to Anne and Lynn.  Apart from the debilitating effects of
serious illnesses and crises like they have been experiencing, I know
health care is a much more serious issue for you guys.  I'll try to send
some energy your way and hope it helps.

I will now hide under my desk in momentary shame, but don't expect me to
stop commenting. (Big smile)

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