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Re: Dear Alan

Aug 28, 1997 08:21 PM
by ramadoss

At 09:17 PM 8/28/97 -0400, you wrote:
>In message <>, Annette Rivington
><> writes
>>I have dozens of questions for you, because I am
>>guessing that you have experience with this "field", but a few will do:
>>1. Is it possible that Mme B. was influenced by Druidism (as revived in
>>the 1800's)?
>I think not to any appreciable extent.
>>2.  Is it possible that Jesus travelled to Gaul and/or Britain and was
>>influenced by the underground (by that time) Druids? 
>The Glastonbury legends claim that he went there (Glastonbury) with his
>"uncle" Joseph of Arimathea when J was a young lad.  At that time the
>Druids were not underground, and probably controlled the place. It's a
>complicated, detailed, and much glamorized (and commercialized) story.
>The definitive first book to read on this is ~St. Joseph of Arimathea at
>Glastonbury~ by L. Smithett-Lewis, the last definitive edition of which
>appeared in 1956 or thereabouts. It has seen many editions and more than
>one publisher, but should be around somewhere.
>>3.  The Druid Circle of Life is EXACTLY like the Native American
>>Medicine Wheel.  What other representations of Life are the same? And,
>>why are the representations (diagrams) of concepts in Theosophy so
>>darned complex?  Why not a simple spiral or rosary for instance, why all
>>these levels and names that the average person can't pronounce let alone
>>memorize?  (and if you guys tell me that it's because it's for the
>>initiated only, that it takes years of discplined study to get there,
>>then that's why you're losing members - this is the fast food era, it's
>>not a fad it's part of our evolution, we can't go back, we can't sit
>>still long enough to take it in, any concept has to be so simple it hits
>>people like a ton a bricks and stays with them)
>Dear Alan is already one of the "lost" members, as I do not see the
>necessity of supporting a power-based structure in order to pursue
>Truth.  You might just find the Kabbalist Tree of Life basic diagram
>useful, but its only medium, not fast food!  Download my ~Keys to
>Kabbalah~ from the website (below) and just stay with Part One for
>starters ...

      Well said. How any organization can guide or organize or deliver or do
anything with truth other than do the mechanical task of printing and
publishing when no one knows first hand what Truth is?

        "Truth is a Pathless Land"!!!!


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