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Glimmer of hope!

Aug 28, 1997 08:21 PM
by ramadoss


"Dallas TenBroeck" <> wrote in theos-world:

	Having been educated some 60 years ago, my link to the 19th century may be
closer than most who have been educated recently--and I have noticed that
for them it is a distinct effort to force their minds and understanding to
go back and meticulously examine the maning of what was said 50, 100 or 150
years ago.  But no serious scholar refuses this kind of challenge for the
"ease" of putting those ideas into the modern lingo, which is, as I look at
it, very superficial indeed.  



When I read the above comment, I was elated to see someone belonging to an
earlier generation becoming active in the Internet. Congratulations Dallas!

When we look around the leadership of the Theosophical Organizations, most
of them belonging tothe non-computer generation and their lack of interest
and active participation, perhaps mostly attributable to their lack of a
clear understanding of how Internet works, many times I have thought that it
is a lost cause until such time the computer generation comes to leadership

With Dallas' above comment, it has made my day -- we can still have some
hope that those belonging to previous generation can learn to use e-mail etc.

So let wait and keep looking to see them getting active.


PS: I am sure there are others here belonging to Dallas' generation and my
congratulations to them too.

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