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Re: hearing about theos-l

Aug 11, 1997 11:35 AM
by kymsmith

Eldon wrote:

>I'll mention theos-l to people, but I can understand why some people
>might not want to. The theos-l list is a good social hangout, and
>a good soapbox for anyone to stand on and preach their ideas from.
>And it's a good place for someone with a chip on their shoulders to
>pick a barroom fight. But some people may want to create, promote,
>and recommend to others places thah are "a good place to study
>Theosophy", a different kind of hangout, but equally valid.

Theosophy is much more than book learning - reading the basic philosophy of
Theosophy is really only the naked beginning.  It is what you do with it
that matters - not whether you know what a "Round" or "Root Race" or "Yuga"
is.  Theos-l is fascinating in that it is peopled by those who have been
exposed to Theosophy, and, hence, it reflects Theosophy in action.  One can
learn so much more about themselves, humanity, and the cosmos in exchanges
such as "barroom fights" or listening to someone on "a good soapbox."
Careful observation of this list reveals individuals growing, maturing,
developing - I've seen people change before my eyes here.  I've learned more
about Theosophy - doing Theosophy - on this list than I have in the number
of books I've read on the subject. 

Doing Theosophy is much harder than reading about it - it can appear
uncivil, formless, chaotic, rowdy, uncultured - being able to peep and
perceive through that to comprehend the value of chaos and what it means is
the point.

'Tis much more than a good "social hangout."


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