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Re: hearing about theos-l

Aug 11, 1997 09:39 AM
by A. Safron

> From: Eldon B. Tucker <>
> Subject: hearing about theos-l
> Date: Monday, August 11, 1997 10:22 AM
> > Even when I found out about theos-xxxx some years ago, it was not with any
> > help from anyone at Olcott. A member got all the good Karma by faxing me the
> > subscription information at his own personal cost after I casually mentioned
> > my interest in Internet during a phone call.
> > 
> >         MKRamadoss
> I read about the list in THE AMERICAN THEOSOPHIST and told others that I
> knew that might be on the Internet about it at the time. This was in
> September, 1993, when there were perhaps a dozen participants on the list.

So did I.
> I don't think that this list, theos-l, is being banished or shunned.
> My impression is that it's a free-for-all where people can get whatever
> they like out of it -- anything from help on information being sought
> to a hunting ground to try out their newly-sharpened claws. The only
> drawback is that this isn't a good place to learn about Theosophy if
> someone is new to the subject, since the wide diversity of opinions
> from "there ain't any such thing" to "my way is enlightened and the
> people worshiping those dusty old books are deluded" make it hard
> for people to learn about the core philosophy.
This is one of the best descriptions of this list that I have ever
read and I thank you, Eldon.

I've been very surprised that that the doggie thread went on
so long.  The real  story is this.  One individual, working at
Olcott, practically ordered me not to mention something on theos-l.
I thought it was rude and beyond the person's place.  I am not
revealing the secrets of the Universe here, because I have none.
It was something very trivial about the LCC, which most people
hardly care about here.  It had not even entered into my head to
post such a thing, as it was so trivial, yet I was being warned
not to do so in advance. 

As for negative comment, I have heard that also, but this
is a rough group and unlike the gentile communiciations that
come out of Quest.

The issue is, the Internet is a FREE forum and unless you are
using it for porn, slander and any number of low-life messages, we
are FREE to post as we like.

What you really have here, in a lovely nutshell, is CHAOS versus ORDER.

Best Wishes,
A. SAFron

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