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Baboon errors

Aug 22, 1997 09:53 AM
by K. Paul Johnson

Like Alan, I didn't see any theory about Spiritualism coming to
the US from England as a significant part of Peter Washington's
book.  But like Bart I do deplore the factual errors.  It was
rather insulting to have Frederick Crews announce to the world
in the New York Review of Books that Washington's take on HPB was
"cogent" and mine was not, in light of the fact that PW makes
more than 50 errors on the subject of the Masters in just a
couple of pages.  He takes Leadbeaterian weirdness about
Manu, Mahachohan etc. and attributes it all to HPB.  To be
*that* ignorant of one's title character is really amazing.
But on other subjects he's amusing, and I recommend the book if
for no other reason than showing the way HPB appears to a
particular type of mind.

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