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Re: Blatant Sexism! - Eldon

Aug 19, 1997 02:44 PM
by kymsmith

Eldon wrote:

>You have to be careful when you're being funny on this list.
>I can tell from reading this that you're writing in jest, but
>without an explicit "<grin>" at the end there's a change that
>some readers will misinterpret your posting, start seeing red,
>and blast you with their righteous wrath.

Since you're addressing a post on sexism, are you saying those who fight
against sexism are the ones who will "blast you with their righteous wrath?"

>You are daring to make light of sacred political dogma and as a
>sacrilegious heretic exposing yourself to punishment by the 
>defenders of the faith.

Sacred political dogma - what is - the fight against sexism?  Sacrilegious
heretic - who? - Tom? - Tom is being a "sacrilegious heretic?  In what way?
Defenders of the faith - again, are you talking about those who are fighting
against sexism?

>To question holy writ is to face damnation, and
>to subject yourself to being shunned by the faithful. Some
>beliefs are so true that you cannot ask what they mean or
>dare question them, but must profess your unwavering support.

Holy writ? - again, are you talking about the fight against sexism?
Damnation? - in what way will one face "damnation?"  Shunned by the
faithful? - sexists will be shunned by those who fight against it?

>Those that dare question the Faith are subject to being
>condemned as evil, shouted down at lectures, to lose their
>jobs, and denied future employment in the name of equal
>employment and fairness to all.

This last paragraph is the most interesting of all - you sound as if you may
resent those who are trying to change things, trying to equal the playing
field. I will grant you that some have suffered tragically and needlessly in
the fight against sexism, but that doesn't mean the goal is not worthy.
There are ways to do it better - we just have to learn, and we learn by doing.

And, contrary to the implication in your post, not all of us who are
politically active in such things as sexism march in lock-step.  Some of us
question our motives, means, and goals often - and some do care deeply that
both men and women find the defeat of sexism advantageous.

Eldon, Tom is not some hero bucking the system here.  He's mocking the pain
many women have endured because of sexism.  If Tom was making light of your
wife or some other female you loved because she was devastated over the loss
of a much-needed job or other opportunity due to someone thinking women
don't measure up simply because they are women, I doubt you would continue
to think of Tom as being so witty.

>obligatory <grin>

No grin here.  


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