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Re: Bart and the Nazi's

Aug 16, 1997 02:17 PM
by ramadoss

At 01:29 PM 8/16/97 -0400, Bart Lidofsky wrote:
> wrote:
>>       If you have followed all the developments surrounding the changes to
>> the bylaws which were made some time ago, you should have noticed that more
>> than one attorney member of TS has come to the conclusion that bylaw changes
>> were null and void because TSA itself did not follow its own bylaws when
>> changes were made.
>	Other than Sy, who else was there? I had read Sy's letters when he sent
>it out, and showed it to several attorneys, as well as the by-laws, and
>they disagreed with his conclusions (they did, however, point out to me
>the major flaw in the National by-laws, which I have been campaigning to
>have changed: it only requires a simple majority of the Board of
>Directors to dissolve a Lodge (it requires 2/3 to throw out an
>individual member). 
There was a document that I believe was sent out by a committee of
presidents of a couple of lodges and there this was mentioned. This was
subsequent to the changes to the bylaws were approved. I am sure Sy can
provide you with a copy of this if you contact him. I don't have it with me
readily and I am quoting from my memory.

>>       If there comes a time when a litigation becomes necessary because TSA
>> tries to seize the property of a lodge, then we will see these issues and
>> other related ones brought up.
>	It depends. There are very few Lodges with an amount of property
>sufficient to be worth a lawsuit. New York already has language in its
>by-laws allowing National to take over the property (but NOT to remove
>it from the city) should the New York Lodge be dissolved, so I don't
>think it would stand up in court very well. I don't know about the other
>Lodges with considerable property (Seattle, the camps, etc.).

Already the first instance of closure of lodge/center is in progress at
Stil-Light. It will set the trend how the mechanics and logistics would be
handled in practice especially to what extent it would be controlled from
Wheaton as against the local needs and local preferences. Worth watching.


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