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Re: Qabala vs Theosophy

Aug 05, 1997 10:01 AM
by techndex

At 10:19 PM 8/4/97 -0400, Alan wrote:
>In message <>,
> writes
>>Yiiiikes!!!! I thought that the only difference between Qabala and Kabbalah
>>(or Kabalah or Kabbala) were in transliteration of a Hebrew term and that
>>the differences with regard to a subset of beliefs under an overarching
>>term kabalism (or however its spelled). Boy, do I have a lot to learn!!!
>The general convention is that Qabala deals with the "magic(k)al" stuff,
>whereas Kabbalah deals with the mystical stuff.  Qabalists are likely to
>don strange garb and wiggle swords about and things like that, often in
>a hierarchical structure.  Kabbalists are likely to go it alone and
>reach (each in an individual way) for their own "stars.

Fascinating!!! Thanks for the explanation. The underlying concept of
magic("k") intrigues me in the Qabala, but loner that I am, I'd probably
lean to the Kabbalah. (A synthesis of the two would be verrrry interesting,
IMHO.) The Tree of Life has intrigued me ever since the day I first saw it
in the tarot. One of these days, BTW, I'll return to your Web site and read
your "Keys to Kabbalah".


Lynn Moncrief
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