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Re: Qabala vs Theosophy

Aug 04, 1997 06:20 PM
by Dr. A.M.Bain

In message <>, writes
>Yiiiikes!!!! I thought that the only difference between Qabala and Kabbalah
>(or Kabalah or Kabbala) were in transliteration of a Hebrew term and that
>the differences with regard to a subset of beliefs under an overarching
>term kabalism (or however its spelled). Boy, do I have a lot to learn!!!

The general convention is that Qabala deals with the "magic(k)al" stuff,
whereas Kabbalah deals with the mystical stuff.  Qabalists are likely to
don strange garb and wiggle swords about and things like that, often in
a hierarchical structure.  Kabbalists are likely to go it alone and
reach (each in an individual way) for their own "stars.

Some of the Qabalists are ego-tripping nuts, IMO.  I do not count Jerry
in this category. :-)


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