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Who is the Beast? Who is the AC? (just a thought)

Aug 23, 1997 07:25 AM
by Gary Somai

Outwardly there are many antichrists, whereas inwardly there is only one
beast on which an AC can ride, and this is not about the humble ass that
Jesus rode on, but the fiery dragon that the AC rides on.

Do not make judgements of others, even if they should judge you, for it is
this comparitive understanding that serves the nature of the beast. Our
measurable knowledge is symbolic of Adam and Eve eating the fruit from the
Tree of Knowledge, which has bound them or clothed them with a finite
existence, (i.e. to measure, calculate & fix comparitive material conditions
in order to finitely understand the world and universe around them and judge

Is it not the left side of the brain, or your forehead that counts the
number of the beast, (consciously measures, or conditionally states: "A
measure of wheat for a penny, and three measures of barley for a penny; and
see thou hurt not the oil and the wine), so that all knowledge becomes
calculated and relative to the individual? (i.e. the "I Know" of each
seperated ego). The number of the beast IS the number of a man, and that man
is "YOU". If you do not believe this, then just count, and continue to
measure until you reach your eventual finite end result. The number 666 is
man's imperfect trinity, for it is symbolic of the imperfection of man's
finite knowledge, not the perfection of infinite knowledge, i.e. wisdom,
which has no actual number, because it is sealed until mankind reaches a
higher level of existence, by making use of the immeasurable and undefinable

Open your spiritual eyes and the fear will be taken from you. The finite
boundary of your external senses is the unavoidable consequence of light and
matter (Lucifer) falling away from the incorporeal truth into the bottomless
pit, (space), from the dawn of time, and this will continue so into
eternity, until mankind finally conquers relative concepts and eats the
fruit from the Tree of Life. Every person has the potential of using his/her
free will, to discover and receive wisdom (the infinite, immeasurable and
unconditional Truth, or divine knowledge), as against the pain that the
bound-up and seperated ego inflicts onto itself. 

If you want to defeat the beast within yourself, then you must fight the
beast with the sword of Truth. Do not fight from bottom to top, and left to
right, for this is man's devouring attempt to grasp the Truth, using finite
knowledge. First you must find a way to open the door to Truth, then make
the ultimate sacrifice, (not bodily sacrifices, for that is the worst type
of measurable evil taught by the word of Satan). Hope is a star which shall
lead you to wisdom, so that you then have the means to fight the beast from
the Top to the bottom, and from right to left, for this is where you shall
receive divine revelation. 

If too many continue to worship the beast by judging and making unequal
black and white comparisons within themselves, (based on the measurable
foundations of their not so humble and severe belief systems), then the
phrase "As above, so below", may just become manifested into the reality of
their own self-imposed idolatry. 

Do you have the courage and strength to overcome your inner fear of the
Truth?. Are you one of Christ's true soldiers?, or must you always hide
behind that false image to which your fiery ego gives power and great

Remember, without the cycle of change, (or the sacrifice of the heretic),
earth will never reach heaven, but then heaven will always reach earth.


Gary S.

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