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Re: Battle between paper and cyber version

Aug 13, 1997 11:00 PM
by ramadoss

At 11:54 PM 8/13/97 -0400, you wrote:
>A. Safron wrote:
>> As others have said, that if I were to have been there, I would have been
>> However, I know there are others that have gained a great deal from the
>> and having done so, encouraged me to join.  Sometimes one group may
>> be for one person and not for the other.  The Co-Masons are basically
>> 7th Ray, while the LCC is 2nd and 6th Ray.  Those with those predominant
>> rays in their charts would naturally be attracted to those organizations.
>> We all can't be everywhere and if we try, we spread ourselves so thin,
>> we are worthless.
>	I am highly allergic to ritual (I work as a consultant largely because
>I can't stand going to the same job for too long), and therefore the
>co-Masons are not for me (although I have been highly encouraged by both
>Masons and co-Masons, as much as they are permitted, to join; I COULD go
>into one of those 1-day Mason programs, and become a "knife-and-fork"
>Mason, but have too much respect for the groups to join under what I
>would consider false pretenses). I do, however, think that the groups
>have something important to offer, and recommend them to others
>(co-Masonry when available, Masonry otherwise, although I dislike the
>gender-bias of the group). I dislike the gender-bias of the LCC even
>more, because they should know better.
>	Bart Lidofsky

I saw an interesting account of the famous Ernest Wood after he joined the
Co-Masonry. Soon I will post it and I am sure many will enjoy reading it.


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