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Re: Astrological

Aug 05, 1997 09:47 AM
by techndex

At 10:03 PM 8/4/97 -0400, Alan wrote:

>In message <>, Titus Roth
><> writes
>>Since you're interested in astrology, I had the following in mind when I
>>that: I associate ethics with Capricorn, ruler of the bones; and I associate
>>emotional sensitivity with Cancer (opposite of Capricorn), ruler of the
>>stomach and breasts - kind of soft fleshy things.
>Hmmm. Food for thought. I would perhaps associate ethics with the air
>signs, and emotional sensitivity with the water signs, as a rough guide.

Hi Alan,

That is indeed food for thought! I see where your association is in that
you're looking at ethics as mental constructs (air). I think that the
connection is that Aquarius, one of the air signs is co-ruled by Saturn
(which also rules Capricorn). There is a strong association between
Capricorn and ethics, IMHO, probably because of what I said in my response
to Titus on this same issue. This is getting really gnarly and complicated
because we're looking at planets, signs, modes, and elements, so I'll have
to think about this some more. ;-D

>Venus can be very emotional, too.

Indeed. In fact, Venus is more strongly associated with emotion than the
Moon, which is strongly associated with instinctive response conditioned by
past experience. Emotion and instinctive response are often confused.
There's a thread currently going on the evolution list where we're trying
to make a scientific distinction between the two. I'll also throw Neptune
in here because it's Venus's higher octave, so we have an axis here between
emotional love and transcendent Love.

>I have Sun combust Venus, so I should
>know ....

Oooo!! Hubba, hubba! ;-D


Lynn Moncrief
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