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What practices do Theosophists follow?

Aug 05, 1997 09:46 AM
by M K Ramadoss

Hi, here is something from the TSA URL:


What practices do Theosophists follow? 

All members of the Theosophical Society decide
what practices and manner of living are appropriate for them, 
but many Theosophists follow a
certain regimen of life that is implied by 
Theosophical ideas like those above. They meditate
regularly, both to gain insight into themselves and 
as a service to humanity. They are
vegetarians and avoid the use of furs or skins for which 
animals are killed. They do not use
alcohol or drugs (except under a doctor's order). 
They support the rights of all human beings
for fair and just treatment, being therefore supporters 
of women's and minority rights. They
respect differences of culture and support intellectual 
freedom. Theosophists are not asked to
accept any opinion or adopt any practice that does 
not appeal to their inner sense of reason
and morality.


Any comments?


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