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Re: Entering the Pit of Sickly Sweet Ethics, once again...

Aug 02, 1997 10:21 AM
by Bee Brown

On Sat, 2 Aug 1997 11:44:06 -0400 (EDT), you wrote:

>>Ethics are simply rules of thumb for preserving the
>>'integrity' of the soul, enhancing beauty of being, and peaking the
>>pleasurable life experience. 
>Vincent, are cats ethical?  Are dogs?  Are elephants?  Why is it
>that only human beings feel this desperate need to be ethical all
>the time?  Could it be that only human beings have a developed
>manas, and the fact that "mind is the slayer of the real?"
>Jerry S.
>Member, TI

Bee Brown writes:
As I understand it, to practice self awareness in all situations has a
way of showing me when I have fallen short of the goals I have set for
myself in this incarnation. I then have a think as to what pushed the
buttons and try to understand, so that next time I can react in a
manner that is more in line with whatever best suits the situation. I
prefer to take it as it comes and not dwell on past slip-ups so that I
can try to bring awareness to my encounters with the world I live in.
Where it is leading to is only a surmise on  my part but theosophy
does provide a framework of information that helps the understanding
of what I could aim for.

Member Theosophy NZ, T.I.
Life is not a problem to be solved;
it is a mystery to be lived.

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